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Inside Pro Wrestling #55   Date: Monday 12 April, 2010
News Summary:
04.12.2010 This past week in Pro wrestling

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Inside Pro Wrestling #55
04.12.2010 This Past week in Pro Wrestling News.

Here at SBWA we believe your training does'nt end after the in-ring class. To be the man you should be informed, and to be informed is one key to your success. Here's a little bit of what went down this past week in wrestling. This is just a tid bit, so go out there and get informed! and
The Wrestling Observer Reports:

-Chris Klucsaritis, who wrestled as Chris Kanyon, passed away last night from an overdose of pills at his apartment in the Sunnyside section of Queens, NY, last night.? He was 40.
Klucsaritis' death is believed to be a suicide.? He had been open about suffering from a bipolar disorder and had talked and threatened suicide many times in the past according to those who are close with him.
The New York Daily News at? a brief note on the death of Chris Klucsaritis (Chris Kanyon).? According to friends, Klucsaritis was found next to an empty bottle of an antidepressant drug that he apparently decided to take his life with.? He left behind a note for his family apologizing.? Police was investigating the death as a suicide.

-It has been confirmed that Christopher Daniels was released by TNA earlier this week which explains his appearance on last night's ROH PPV using his old Fallen Angel gimmick and first name, neither of which was part of his most recent TNA character.

-Wrestling Observer has been informed regarding Gene Kiniski, one of the greatest heels of all-time, who has been battling cancer for years, that his cancer has spread to his brain and he is no longer eating.? Kiniski more than a month ago basically acknowledged it being a matter of time, saying he loved his life even though he wasn't happy with the way he was going to exit.? Kiniski was NWA world champion from 1966-69 and was an awesome worker, among the very best for two decades.

-Bob Ziolkowski, who wrestled as Big Daddy and Baby Haystacks for Powerhouse Pro Wrestling in Wisconsin, passed away this morning from?heart failure at the age of 34.

-A memorial show for Dynamite D will be on Friday night in Newhall, CA at the American Legion Hall

WWE 3.2
TNA 0.9

-New Japan announced that all of the CMLL big shows this year (Dos Leyendas, etc.) would be airing on Samurai TV in Japan.

-Mike writes:?This morning on Howard Stern they mentioned the suicide of Chris Kaynon and how he was on their show a few times and actually did the SuperFan Roundtable a few times for the station. Baba Booey came in and said late last week on the "Wrap Up Show" (post game show they do everyday after the regular show ends) Kanyon called in but they didn't pick up his call because they ran out of time. Howard jokingly told Baba Booey you ignoring his call was probably the last straw and what pushed him over the edge.

-Texas Stadium, the home of one of the most famous pro wrestling matches in history, the May 6, 1984, NWA world title change where Kerry Von Erich pinned Ric Flair, is being imploded on 4/11. That makes all three of the major Dallas venues of the glory days of World Class Championship Wrestling gone, with the Dallas Sportatorium being destroyed in 2003, and Reunion Arena in 2009.

-Keiji Muto had reconstructive knee surgery on 4/5. No word on a return and it?s been privately talked about that he may decide against coming back.

-AAA El Generico was in for the shot because he's coming in for a show put together by Crazy Boy, not Super Crazy as was reported last week.

-There are reports that Verne Gagne, who has been suffering from Alzheimer?s related dementia, has gone downhill fast of late

-Gene Kiniski, 81, one of pro wrestling?s all-time greats, who has been battling cancer for quite a while, took a turn for the worst. His cancer has spread to his brain and he is no longer eating

-Diamond Dallas Page is currently one of the lead characters, playing a villain in a movie called ?Pizza Man,? that is currently being filmed in Hollywood, that also stars Frankie Muniz, Shelly Long and Corbin Bernsen.

-Lance Storm came out of retirement on 4/3 (his 41st birthday) to wrestle under a mask as ?The Ideal Canadian,? wearing a full body ninja outfit, against Bryan Alvarez for Tulalip Championship Wrestling.

-TNA Tara has been working with a broken hand.

-WWE Lance Cade (Lance McNaught, 30) was cut again. He was signed in late October.

-WWE is looking at releasing a Goldust autobiography at the end of the year.

-TNA will be raising money for the American Red Cross for the recent Mine disaster in West Virginia at their three weekend house shows this week.? Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and the Beautiful People will be at the arenas at 5 p.m. for photos and autographs in exchange for any monetary donation.

-Kevin Nash doesn't like "The Band" as the name?for?the group, and noted they can't use the Wolfpac.? So he's searching for a new name.?

-Christian and Dos Caras Jr., using the name Dos Caras and wearing his mask, had the reported best match on the show yesterday in WWE's debut of the current Raw tour in Vienna, Austria.? Caras Jr. had been using the name Alberto Banderas in FCW.

-New RaW guest host
May 10 in Pittsburgh - Flava Flav
May 24 in Toledo - Jon Lovitz?

-Curry Man~! He works the Chikara King of Trios tournament in Philadelphia in two weeks. More info

-Masked Republic and G-Funk Sports & Entertainment (which does the Dragon Gate USA PPV shows) announced a deal with Avail-TVN and inDemand to do taped bi-monthly PPV shows, starting in June.
The shows will be taped for both English and Spanish.? The debut show will be taped on 5/2 in Mexico City and debut on PPV on 6/11.
Names listed as appearing look to be stars of Los Perros Del Mal, such as Perro Aguayo Jr., Halloween, Damian 666, Mr. Agulia, Charly Manson and X-Fly, as well as Blue Demon Jr., Oiver John and Sabu.

-WWE HHH is only booked on television and PPVs and not on house shows due to neck problems.

-WWE Ezekiel Jackson's injury wasn't diagnosed at last report but the early belief was a torn quad, which would be a long rehab.?

-Kurt Angle will work Saturday's Lockdown PPV and then will be taking a month off to heal up.? Although he used the term heal up, he then said "To TNA fans, I am not injured."

-Sports Center showed Texas Stadium being imploded, noting highlights are NFL games, college football national championship games and Kerry Von Erich's win over Ric Flair.

-SoCal Pro Wrestling on 4/17 in Oceanside, CA at the Boys & Girls Club featuring Adam Pearce defending the NWA title against Tommy Wilson plus the Ballard Brothers


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Inside Pro Wrestling #55
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