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Training Seminar

 Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy: The elite Pro Wrestling School in Southern California. Don't just live your life, control your destiny. Have fun challenging yourself and live your dream! Sign up now! 

" This is the top school in the country. It has Big Bill Anderson and Superstar's [Billy Graham] endorsement. If you are thinking of going to a wrestling school. Go to a place that teaches respect as well as wrestling." -Bill Anderson, Pro Wrestling Veteran & Trainer of champions

"If you are looking to enter the world of professional wrestling, I gotta give a shout out to the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy. Much respect to Joey Kaos & Mongol Santino for doing things the right way. The way they [Alumni] carry themselves and have respect is incredible & I cannot thank you enough for instilling that kind of ethic in today's young wrestlers." -Adam Pearce, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

For more info on how to schedule a orientation, call 323.896.3017 or Click HERE for more school info.

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Training Seminar
  With Rocky Romero
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Training Seminar
  Wednesday February 19th
Upcoming event at the dojo
  Friday Feb. 7th, 2014
1st Show of the year!
  01.03.2013 FULL LINEUP
Beginners Training
  12.24.2013 Starts January 2014
New Champion!
  12.21.2013 New Reign!

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